Investment Strategy

Pacific Reach Capital engages in active and strategic investments across various industries and stages of a company’s growth cycle – from early-stage ventures to large-cap entities.

We aim to provide growth capital for companies with proven business models. Our internally sourced funds allow for a flexible investment mandate with limited restrictions on size, industry, and investment horizon. We support our portfolio companies with financing that comes in the form of different solutions including:

  • Minority equity investments
  • Growth and expansion financing
  • Interim financing for early-stage pre-IPO companies
  • Private equity and venture capital funding
  • Hedge funds
  • Strategic partnerships

Transaction Requirements:

With every investment we consider, we look for businesses that are currently priced below their intrinsic value based on their underlying asset values and growth potential. In addition, we consider the following:

  • Established track record with visible cash flow trajectories and prudent capital allocation strategies
  • Sustainable competitive advantages and differentiation to industry peers
  • High natural barriers of entry and switching costs
  • Exceptional management team with respectable skin in the game
  • Lean and clean capital structure
  • Robust cash flow growth and earnings power to reinvest in the business