Our investments reflect our philosophy of employing bottoms-up analysis of companies in any industry, asset class, and geography where we see sufficient mispricing and opportunity for growth. We hold each of our investments with both opportunistic and long-term views in mind.

Northleaf Capital Opportunities Fund

Private Equity

Portfolio of 20-30 non-control investments alongside high-quality lead investors across 3 different deal types: structured capital, direct secondary, and active co-investments.

KKR Health Care Strategic Growth Fund II

Private Equity

Growth equity investments in the health care space across the U.S. and Europe in areas of secular growth and medical innovation.

Active Impact Investments

Venture Capital

VC fund that invests in early-stage organizations with the intention to generate social and environmental impact for all stakeholders.

Maple Corporation

Health Care

Develops and operates a telemedicine platform which allows individuals to see a doctor online within minutes.

Noetic Psychedelic Fund

Health Care

A venture fund launched to invest in emerging and early-stage wellness, therapeutic, and pharmaceutical companies around the globe.

Noetic Foundry

Health Care

Parent company focused on backing pre-seed psychedelic opportunities as well as providing scientists and entrepreneurs with access to capital, strategic guidance, and business support.

Diamond Therapeutics

Health Care

Psychedelic drug development company focused on psilocybin-based medicines that have the potential to deliver greater impact than current first-line treatments.

Book Jane

Health Care

A technology platform (mobile & web platform) that connects care facilities and families with an industry-leading network of caregivers for on-demand senior and child care.

BloombergSen Partner Fund


Concentrated value-oriented investment portfolio focused on maximizing long-term absolute returns while preserving principal capital.

Vision Strategic Opportunity Fund

Real Estate

Real estate focused alternative investment fund seeking to outperform in all market environments with low volatility and uncorrelated returns.

Rise Properties Trust

Real Estate

A vertically-integrated Canadian REIT focused on the US multifamily sector in the Greater Seattle Area with a portfolio of 10,000+ apartments.



Environmentally responsible tech startup that builds hardware and software tools for leading organizations in the food, healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing sectors.

Gryphon Digital Mining


Bitcoin miner with size and scale, a best-in-class management team, and a long-term strategy to become the first vertically integrated company in the space.



Audigent is a data management platform founded in 2015, looking to disrupt the digital advertising market by having a fully verifiable advertising data platform.

Primavera Fund


Opportunistic fund invested in 5 sectors related to China’s economic growth model: financial services, technology, media & telecommunications, consumer, healthcare, and education.

Hex Capital

Hedge Fund

Quant hedge fund focused on generating alpha in the cyrpto space via 80% algo-based models and 20% discretionary oversight.

Nexii Solutions

Building Materials

Construction company that has developed a proprietary technology and system for the manufacturing of low carbon buildings.

Damon Motorcycles

Consumer Discretionary

EV motorbike company with a proprietary tech backdrop inclusive of critical safety features such as an advanced warning system.



An expanded multiplatform media production, distribution, and rights management company that creates award-winning programming for Canadian and International broadcasters.


Financial Services

Marketplace that connects recurring-revenue generating companies with investors who will purchase these revenue contracts at a discount to allow companies to finance growth with no dilution.

DeepGreen Resources Inc.


Produces base and strategic metals from high-grade seafloor polymetallic nodule deposits. Obtains metals from a vast mineral resource on the deep ocean floor.